A Little Something Extra

Everyone, I know I have not posted anything in a long time and I am starting a new blog. I will give you the link in time. But I have recently created a YouTube Channel. davinbroadhurst@gmail.com is following my channel, and I hope you do as well. Here are the links.


Here is the channel^

I hope you enjoy it. And don’t try and understand the profile picture, you’ll hurt your head trying. Thanks!!!

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Aqua Language

Aqua Language

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Why Baseball is more Violent than Scraping your Knee

Some people say that baseball is easy for them because pitching comes easy to people like Madison Bumgarner. Now if you’re a batter, than you’ll say something like “Hitting a piñata will be like hitting a home run!” Now it might not be exactly like that. But it might be something along those lines. If they’re the bragging type of people. Dr. Grimly is one of the best pitchers and batters in all of Froggeburg NY! He has also played a couple games in DC and occasionally Colorado. Dr. G. is a lot like Super Frog. He’s quiet, walks around with his hands in his pockets, and they both wear khakis. The only differences are that Grimlys hair is messy and over his eyes, and that they both live in completely different stories (except in some comics). But in his hero form, he wears a camouflage suit that will camouflage into any surface, he’s better at pitching any type of small and deadly bomb than hitting motion censored bombs “out of the ball park”. He is the best at every type of defense art and the second best at almost every attack art. Yet he acts like a college junior! If I were Captain Obvious, I’d take a mile back,

,from Grimly Grenade

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How Spikeadelic Hair Turned into a Caped Phrase

Whenever someone points out the absolute obvious, most people will say something along the lines of: “Great job captain obvious!”- in a sarcastic voice. Or in my case, people will use this as an actual thank you to someone for saving a bank robbery, or stopping an almost successful assassination, or even bringing turkey to every house who doesn’t have turkey on Thanksgiving Day! But even still, a superhero with a phrase for a name is going to get insulted through a sarcastic comment. It’s almost 100% guaranteed. Who knows, he might actually get it some day. He might finally realize that he has always been insulted through comments. (“But come to think of it… They have always been using that strange tone of voice…HMM?..)Captain Obvious Blog Pic

Captain Obvious may be a clueless idiot fighting crime, but he can land a heck of a punch. One through the fist, the other through words. And by that I mean a punch line. His real name is Alex O’Blivious. He usually wears a white T-shirt, khakis, has orange-brownish hair, and running sneakers. In his superhero form, he wears a red bandanna that is usually heroically swaying in the wind, spikeadelic orange-brownish hair, red tights with a yellow belt like Batman’s, rocket boots that link to his brain, a sweet jazzy black cape, and blue clothes that have the his CO logo in bright outstanding red. His clothes can inject a small dose of a serum that makes him incredibly bulky. His suit also comes with wrist lasers that can turn anything to ashes. But those are also linked to his brain so he can use any sort of laser blast he wants! Pretty cool, right? He is my favorite superhero compared to Grimly Grenade.

Captain Obvious comic blog pic

To be Continued…

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My First Cartoon Idea

My first comic idea was called The Amazing Adventures of SUPER FROG. It was about a man who was exposed to a diabolical experiment called the UnKnOwN. He wasn’t like Super Man where he had a costume and a cape. It wasn’t like Robin where he always was alert and always had his costume on. It was like Superman on his day job. Except his day job would be to walk around the streets of Froggenburg’s dark alleys and fight in a stealthy frog, sort of way.


Super hero name: Super frog

Real name:James Johnson

Age: 21

Street Address: Froggenburg, NY

(Powers: Ability to jump at various heights. Also to stretch his tongue at various lengths.

Side effects: Slimy sweat, Nausea, Anxiety, or EXTREME migraines.)

James prefers to be called Jamie Johnson. But when he is somehow recognized in the papers, they spell his name corresponding to Jamy Johnson. Which is one of the reasons why he tries not to be recognized by the Magnifying Glass. His brother also named James Johnson was exposed to another diabolical experiment during birth. James I was exposed to Experiment #7. While James II was exposed to Experiment #77. Which was also named: The uNkNoWn.

James Johnson SporticusII

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